Who We Are: We thought it was about time for a mission statement…

We do everything we can so that Canadians can find and realize the overseas experience they are after.

We believe in escaping the pressures of life at home by having adventurous overseas experiences subsidized by working abroad.

We don’t believe you should have to get a job at home and do what everyone else is.

We don’t think you want someone telling you exactly what you should do.

We believe that you will find that you are more fearless than you ever imagined when you test yourself.

We have sent over 50,000 Canadians abroad and know that everyone’s work abroad experience can and should be as unique as each individual.

We love the excitement of being somewhere new.

Working holiday experiences are only available up to age 30 or 35, depending on the country. Take advantage while you can. Go for it: find your adventure in the country you choose.

For more info: swap.ca

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